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Why does the high-spectrum roll bending machine only bend metal materials, not plastic?
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Why high-spectrum roll bending machines can only bend metal materials, not plastic
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Why high-spectrum roll bending machines can only bend metal materials
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Guangzhou Gaopu Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the field of metal cold bending forming for many years. It specializes in research and development of variable curvature CNC roll bending machine and CNC bending machine. The company is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City, and has passed the national high-tech enterprise certification. It has its own core technology, R & D base and high-efficiency team. Successfully developed 3-8 roll variable-curvature CNC bending machine, profile bending machine, stretch bending The machine is among the world's advanced level in the application of variable curvature metal profile bending, and has won a number of invention patents and software copyrights, which are widely praised by users. Continuous research and development allow us to continuously surpass 1. For ellipse, S-bend, Archimedes, and spline curve, it can be bent and formed repeatedly one or more times. 2. Directly import CAD drawings to generate motion track data. 3. Roller mold size and wheelbase are automatically generated. 4. Unique core algorithm and process parameters, automatically calculate the material rebound characteristics, completely solve the smoothness and symmetry during the transition of different curvatures. 5. For materials with uncertain rebound modulus, enter the actual bending radius after bending. The system automatically calculates the profile to re-bend to the correct radius. 6. The WINDOW system is convenient for communication with the company. Unlimited program storage. 15-inch industrial touch Controlled screen, simple manual dialogue operation. Application Ability: New energy vehicles, rail transit, escalators, aerospace, lighting, furniture, building materials, doors, windows, curtain walls, bathroom hardware, decorative engineering, fitness equipment, bending of various profiles. G-CNC-B15T Technical parameters Hydraulic cylinder power 15TY axis repeated positioning 0.01mm3 roller independent control, infinitely variable speed 1-14 revolutions / min. Shaft pitch adjustable 258-518mm shaft diameter 60 / 80mm (optional) shaft length 250mm torque 2470N. mY axis travel 255mm hydraulic servo drive 3.7KW (optional servo drive 5.5KW) roller drive, motor 3KW power three-phase 380V 50HZ 16.3A / 25A weight 1000KG length width height 1249 * 1134 * 1432 warranty period 1 year payment method The direct sales method of bank transfer is applicable to industries such as new energy vehicles, rail transit, escalators, aerospace, lighting, furniture, building materials, doors and windows, curtain walls, bathroom hardware, decorative engineering, fitness equipment, and bending of various profiles. Professional choice, I wish you a successful entry into the crooked world! Just do one thing: turn straight metal profiles into curved ones. The company is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, a national high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies. Efforts in the research and development of profile bending technology and equipment, the roll bending machine has been on the market. For the user, it just comes with a problem, and we will treat it as a required task! For warping, wrinkling, collapsing, bulging, asymmetry, unevenness, small radius, S-bend, ellipse, spline curve, etc., which affect the molding quality, efficiency and cost of the material, we will provide a complete set of specialties for All your customized solutions! Our innovative solutions have won the recognition of well-known companies in new energy vehicles, escalators, aerospace, lighting, construction and many other fields. The opinions provided by users on the machine are the driving force for our progress! Unique function: Unique core algorithm, automatically calculates the amount of metal springback and compensates for the full linkage of the CNC axis, two arc tangent, smooth transition. 3 rollers are independently controllable, the material and mold run speed are automatically matched. ≤1mm radius forming deviation manual operation Process, automatically memorize and form a program. One interface completes all operations. Automatically adjusts the wheelbase. Freely changes the size of the mold. Environmentally friendly design, saves energy. Hardware configuration: 1. German CNC system 2. German Muller low-pressure components 3. Italian servo hydraulic system 4. High-strength steel bed 5, high-precision servo cylinder 6, hydraulic auxiliary wheel fourth shaft 7, foreign-branded motor 8, numerically controlled hyperboloid guide 9, Yaskawa inverter 10, Japan Omron positioning detection 11, American Bonner encoder Advanced material rebound rate measurement function, the device automatically corrects the processing data according to the measurement results, eliminating the problem of material rebound affecting the processing size. l Due to the use of advanced servo technology in the hydraulic system, the Y-axis achieves repeatable control accuracy below 0.01mm under the working condition of 15 tons pressure. l Three-roller is independently controllable, stepless speed regulation, and the three-roller speed is automatically matched to make up for the difference in linear speed during the forming of the workpiece radius [difference between inner diameter and outer diameter], and the workpiece surface will not be damaged. Wheelbase 256-518mm can be adjusted arbitrarily; l Accurate radius (R) control and easily complete continuous processing of multiple arcs and complex graphics; l Real CNC control system, completely solve the smoothness and symmetry of the workpiece when different curvature transitions; l User-friendly The control system is flexible, simple, easy to understand at a glance, and easy to use; completely solves the dependence on skilled workers; l Reasonable and compact structural design, electromechanical and hydraulic integration; reliable parts and assembly standards, eliminating your equipment maintenance Worries; l Exquisite mold design technology, to solve product quality problems such as wrinkles, scratches, distortion, indentation, etc., to meet your high-quality requirements of the product; l [Teaching] function can help you not need to consider The rebound of the workpiece can produce high-quality products; l With national patent-approved inventions, unique core algorithms, and rich rolling processing parameters, you can produce unique products without worries; l Automatic blanking calculation, reducing your Material waste, automatic pressure adjustment function, save energy, reduce your electricity bills; l Automatic guided die conversion function, anti-collision interference protection, guarantee Safety devices that work, so you arbitrary operation; L centralized control circuit, mechanical drive means each extend component life, stable running of the machine. If you want to know more corporate website: www.g-cnc.com Mobile phone: 13928806004 Phone: 020-31046406 Fax: 020-34760935 Address: No. 13, North Street, No. 13, Daban Industrial Zone, Tinggen Village, Panyu District, Guangzhou City http: // image-ali.bianjiyi.com/1/2018/0112/19/5a589c2be5c8d.JPG
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