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Guangxi Irradiator Manufacturer | Qingfeng Electric sells reasonable price Irradiator
Your current location: Supply Information > Metallurgical Minerals > Non-metallic Minerals > Other Non-metallic Minerals
Guangxi Irradiator Manufacturer | Qingfeng Electric Co., Ltd.
Ordinary member
Guangxi Irradiator Manufacturer | Qingfeng Electric Sales
  • 辐照机 Product name: Irradiator
  • Current price: 0 yuan / general
  • Minimum Order: Normal
  • Total Supply: 1 Normal
  • Delivery period: within days
  • Valid until: October 17, 2019
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Qingfeng Electric is a professional supplier of Dongguan Qingfeng Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of wired cable equipment. The company has been involved in the industry for many years, integrating production, research and development, and sales. It mainly operates irradiators and produces various products according to customer needs. Category of comprehensive brand products. The company is located in Cunzheng Road, Weizhou Village. Since its establishment in 2011-09-30, the company has continuously introduced new products. The production and supply of irradiators have been well received, which has further promoted the company's development in the industry and has been favored by users from all walks of life. Application of irradiation machinery and equipment: 1.Small wire (small tube) irradiation equipment can irradiate heat-shrinkable tubes of Φ0.3 ~ 8.0mm, (both refer to the diameter before expansion, the same below); the minimum cross-sectional area is 0.03mm2 Irradiated cross-linked wire (American Standard 32AWG) More detailed video processing process, understand the production specifications and processing technology of the product, so that it has a more comprehensive understanding of new products. Main business: cable equipment, extruder, stranding machine, cable forming equipment, paper wrapping machine, cage twisting machine, irradiator, fiber optic cable equipment. The company is committed to providing irradiators with high quality and good price for those who need it. Product quality is stable, product quality meets national and international standards, and is well received by customers. There are many types of irradiators. When purchasing products, you can use online payment; cash payment; bank transfer to pay for the payment. We will ship within the time agreed between the two parties. The delivery time is on time. We also provide customers with With excellent after-sales service. Our company has been trusted by customers for a long time, and our products meet the requirements of Dongguan and other domestic customers. Dongguan Qingfeng Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. has strong design and research and development capabilities, and can provide customized solutions with different industry characteristics and individual needs according to the needs of the group. It has developed a series of irradiators adapted to the market. Advanced level, widely used in irradiation. We firmly believe that high-quality guarantees start with good products. In the process of optimizing the configuration of product solutions, Qingfeng Electric has continued to make more innovations, including design, installation, technical support, after-sales service and maintenance. Our company is a well-known enterprise in Dongguan cable industry. Qingfeng Electric always adheres to the "integrity, stability, and pragmatic" business policy, based on technology, market-oriented, customer-centric operation in the consumer market, specialized in the development and production of irradiators, determined to become China's good communication Specialized product and service provider for the security industry. The company address is Weizhen Village, Zhengzheng Road. In the fierce and orderly market competition, we sincerely hope to form long-term partners with old and new friends from all walks of life to jointly create a better future. The above is the relevant information of Hebei Irradiator Manufacturer, Guangxi Irradiator Manufacturer, Foshan Irradiator Manufacturer, please contact us for inquiries.
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